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In the Company of Women

Recently I read a book called In The Company of Women by Grace Bonney. I am all about being a boss babe. Girl power? That’s my middle name. This book highlighted females across the country that really had it going on. Comedians, actors, fashion designers, musicians, songwriters, poets, professors, designers, artists, authors, illustrators, directors, you name it, they were listed. Each had a page or two dedicated to their stories and who they were as a woman.

This book was incredibly inspiring and was very useful. There were a handful of questions each woman answered, here you could really get to know their character and what mattered to them the most. As I was reading this book I decided to answer some of the questions that were given; self-analyzing is a powerful tool.

I decided to make this my first blog post, so you, my followers could get to know me and why I am, why I will continue to, and why I aspire to be boss babe.

Below I also attached a PowerPoint of some of my favorite females highlighted in this book and why. I hope you enjoy!

What Did You Want To Be When You Were A Child?

My mom. A wife. A mom. A dentist.

What Characteristics Do You Most Admire In Other Creative Women?

Fearlessness. Independency. I love a proud woman. Someone who is willing to go after what they want.

What Is Your Favorite Thing About Your Work Place?

It is anywhere I want it to be & It’s 100% authentically me.

Name A Fear Or Professional Challenge That Keeps You Up At Night.

The fear of not being successful is a common thought I have.

What Quotation Or Saying Inspires And Motivates You To Be Yourself And Do What You Love.

“Good, Better, Best, Never Let It Rest, Until Your Good Is Better, And Your Better Is Best.”

Name Your Greatest Success (Or Something You Are Most Proud Of) In Your Business Experience.

I reached out to experts, asked for advice proudly, used what I wanted, and kept to myself until I was ready to share my work with the world.

What Tool, Object, Or Ritual Could You Not Live Without In Your Work Day?

Music! I love Pandora, and my iTunes. Sugar free Red bull is also my right-hand.

- Chloe Reece

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